Departure Day

12 hours of travel begins today. I have been preparing to go abroad for what feels like forever now and here we are. If I am being honest, the nerves really kicked in today. I am so beyond excited to meet my host family, start classes, and just begin exploring Copenhagen. This experience is unlike anything i’ve ever done before. I went to college 25 minutes from home so I am used to being close to family. However, one of my goals for my study abroad experience is personal growth in both independence and self-sufficiency, so here we go!

I zipped my last suitcase closed about 20 minutes ago. Packing was honestly the toughest mental part about preparing. Will I have enough room? Will I have room to bring stuff home with me? What about that dreaded weight limit? But of course it all worked out and i’m under the weight limit, phew! I checked in to my flight yesterday and Delta had a glitch that accidentally gave me an extra checked bag!! Of course I took advantage of that, who wouldn’t? Here is a picture of the bags I am bringing. I kept the toiletries sparse because I know I can purchase those there and they take up a lot of room.

Wish me luck on getting some rest on the plane to help with the jet lag. I’ll post a recap of my first couple days when i’m settled.


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