First 48

I have arrived…

That’s crazy to say. I have been planning to come to Copenhagen for some time now so it’s weird to actually be here now. This is my first time in Europe, but it feels oddly… normal? Maybe it’s my Scandinavian blood 😉

Arriving in Copenhagen

There were many DIS students on my flight from Minneapolis, and even more on my connection from Amsterdam to Copenhagen. I think the flight was half students! I was worried that I chose too short of a connection (1 hour) but Delta/KLM had someone waiting right outside of the plane telling you which way to go and what gate your next flight was at, that was much appreciated by all of the tired college students. Customs took about 5 seconds and then it was a quick walk to my gate. Once I arrived in Copenhagen, there was DIS table right outside of baggage claim and staff guiding everyone to the meeting spot where my host mom picked me up. At this point, I had been awake for almost 20 hours and it was really starting to hit me hard. However, when my host mom picked me up and I got to meet my host family it woke me right up and I had a great first day being shown around the city and settling in to my new home. I unpacked my 51 lb. suitcase that the gracious lady at the Delta did not charge me for (thank goodness) and got settled into my room. I went to bed around 9pm Denmark time after being awake since 8am CST the day before, that’s 37 hours I think… You could say I was a little out of it 😉 If I could back to the Sara that was on that long flight I would say: “Stop watching movies and playing with the adorable baby next to you and sleep!!!!”

Note for future DIS Students: make sure to listen to DIS and print out the visa documents and proof of enrollment that you will receive a week or so before you leave. I had to show them to the Delta agent at the counter and without them she would not have allowed to me go through security. In her words there was a “big flashing red NO” on her screen. After presenting those documents, everything went very smooth!

My New Home

My host family lives in Hellerup, a “suburb”, as Americans would call it, right north of the city. In a car it is about 15-20 minutes from DIS, and my commute on public transportation will be around 30-40 minutes, depending. Having a family to help me get settled and make me feel comfortable in a new place has been more wonderful than I could explain. They are so beyond kind and I am so excited for the semester ahead in their home, I already know I won’t want to leave when I have to.

This afternoon, we drove around the city and I got to see the DIS buildings and a few other areas of the city as well. There was even a kind staff member at DIS that peeked his head out when he saw us walk by and offered his help. DIS is truly so supportive and I have been so impressed so far. We then stopped by the local mall and grabbed a juice from Joe & The Juice. My host dad describes it as the “Abercrombie & Fitch of juices” which I did not quite grasp until I went there and there was hip music and young people working there and then it completely made sense! Tonight, we had dinner with my host mom’s parents, something my family does every week. They don’t speak English but it was actually much easier to communicate over good food and through my family than I expected. They were so kind and I look forward to spending more time with them.

My plan is to include many pictures in my future posts of my surroundings and where I travel to. If you know me (hi Mom and Dad) you know that I love photos. I brought along my DSLR as well so hopefully I will get a lot of use out of that! I haven’t had much of a chance to in this busy transition and I want to make sure to protect my host families privacy and not post images of their home, so more Copenhagen picture to come!

I am currently sitting in the living room with my host parents winding down from the day, listening to some good music, and just relaxing. Tomorrow I attend the opening ceremonies and will learn more about DIS and meet more people, so more to come on that later!

I hope you have a wonderful day!


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