1 week 3 countries

Hello! Sorry it’s been awhile. Denmark has become home now so I have to remind myself to still blog like this is the new and exciting experience that it is! This past week I spent spring break on a trip with my friend Zoe to Madrid, Lisbon, and Nice. Yup. 3 countries in one week. It really hit me this week how beyond grateful I am for these four months abroad. I am so beyond lucky to be able to travel and experience new cultures and people. I have such an amazing and supportive family and group of friends, both home and abroad, that I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without. Here are some photos of my time in Cope since Paris:

Madrid, Spain

We started our trip in Madrid! We ate so much good food including the best hummus we have ever had it was so good I would go back to Madrid for that hummus. We got 1 euro tacos and made a cheeseboard while we watched the sunset… It was wonderful and sunny enough for shorts! Any Minnesotan knows that the opportunity to wear shorts in March should never be taken for granted. My friend Sarah who goes to school with me back home at the University of Minnesota is studying abroad in Madrid and it made me so so happy to see her twice during our couple of days in Madrid. It’s wild to see friends from home abroad. She was in Copenhagen earlier in the semester so it was fun to switch off and see her new home. Our time in Madrid was spent walking the gorgeous streets, going to museums, exploring Buen Retiro Park, eating churros (twice), and watching the sunset from the rooftop bar of the Círculo De Bellas Artes.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon was on my list from the beginning of places I hoped I could go to. That list has changed since i’ve been here but Lisbon stayed on there so it was so fun to be able to go. The best part of Lisbon was the location of our AirBnb. It can be so sad to get to a new city and realize that you booked in the wrong location but Lisbon was wonderful. Our AirBnb was in the heart of Alfama or “old town” which is full of hills, streets that feel like mazes, tile buildings, and just so much charm. My favorite part of Lisbon was the view from the Castle of São Jorge. Zoe and I sat up there for so long it was hard to leave. The Oceanarium was also a highlight. Anyone who knows me from when I was younger knows that I wanted to be a marine biologist for basically my entire childhood. I am a sucker for a good aquarium that treats its animals right and is involved in conservation and research. The Lisbon Oceanarium is the largest indoor aquarium in Europe and it was wonderful! I would for sure love to go back to Lisbon in the summertime.

Nice, France

Oh Nice… Now this was a vacation. Our original itinerary included Sevilla instead of Nice but with a hefty price increase as we were booking we had to do some scrambling and Google Flights searching and we ended up going to Nice! Google Flights will probably be my most visited website outside of Canvas (school website) from my time abroad. Wow was Nice a good choice. The water was unbelievably blue and the vibe just felt like vacation. We even had weather nice enough for sandals and dresses (gasp!). It was so easy to pick out the locals because they were in jackets and scarves because it’s still winter for them. We averaged 8 miles a day in Madrid and Lisbon so we spent our time in Nice relaxing without a true plan for the day and it was so nice to just walk along the water and take the day as it came.

This break of travel was so nice and it was so wonderful to be able to see so many new places and experience three different countries. It was also fun because I went to Paris earlier in my semester so it was nice to see another area of France in Nice. However, when I landed in Copenhagen last night it was so so nice to be home. I missed my friends and my host family and the comfort of my (not so new anymore) home here in Denmark. Traveling outside of Denmark is when I miss my US friends and family the most and I know when May comes around it will be so hard to leave here but so beyond exciting to get back to everyone at home. I promise my next blog will come quicker than this one did 😉

Sara back in Scandinavia

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