Estonia… Is that in Russia?

Close! Estonia has only been independent from Russia for 25 years and was my 5th country I visited. My friend Elyse and I were sitting at home on my couch a couple of months ago and she turned to me and said, “Do you want to go to Estonia?” I’m pretty sure I responded with something along the lines of “What the heck is Estonia?” Well, Estonia is a small country below Finland that used to be part of Russia/USSR back in the day. We were going to be in Finland for a class trip for the week before and Estonia is only a short ferry ride away from Helsinki so there ya go! We texted our friends Ann and Jordan and within the hour we were all booked for Tallinn. Oh the wonders of abroad! Estonia is actually quite an interesting country. It has the highest number of startups per country in Europe, is the birthplace of the first Christmas tree and also Skype.

We started our trip with a 2 hour ferry ride across the baltic. After we arrived at our airbnb, we went in search of food. The thing is, Estonians seem to be serious foodies. Every restaurant we walked in to, no matter the size, was packed and those without a reservation weren’t even allowed to wait because they were so busy! We ended up at a burger takeaway place where the menu was written on paper on the wall in marker… Let me just say that might have been the best falafel burger of my life. We spent Saturday walking around the Old Town of Tallinn without much of a plan, it was nice to just stroll with nowhere to be after a week of academic-oriented traveling! Fun story about Saturday night dinner:

When we booked our trip to Tallinn a few months back, Elyse and I started researching what there was to do and what me might be interested in seeing. During this search, Elyse found what was listed as the “best restaurant in Estonia”. So the normal thing to do was obviously to call them two and a half months in advance and make a reservation. Elyse proceeds to call them, they answer (probably speaking Estonian), and Elyse says, “Is the the restaurant in Estonia?” I have no idea why this was so funny to us at the time but I still laugh about that phone call.

The restaurant ended up being really good and it’s always nice to travel to cities that aren’t super expensive! (Don’t worry Cope, I still love you)

As always, here are some photos:


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