A Week in My Life as a DIS Student Living in a Homestay

As I look back on my blog posts from this semester, there are lots of trip summaries and highlights of all of the truly amazing things I have done this semester. I thought i’d switch it up and share how my everyday goes, because some of my best moments abroad have been sitting in Paludan Bog Cafe with friends on a random Tuesday or even commuting on the train. Denmark is home to me now, it will be for the rest of my life, and that home was created in the everyday.


On Mondays, I only have my 3 hour long core course class so I usually go in to the city a little later but today I woke up a little earlier to prepare for class. I ate my usual breakfast of overnight oats and a cup of coffee with my host mom and host siblings and got dropped off at the train station by my host mom. My train ride to the stop closest to DIS, Nørreport, is less than 15 minutes and then DIS is a 10 minutes walk from the station. I sat in a DIS lounge and did my readings for my Child Development in Scandinavia core course class that morning at 10:00.

Most Mondays i’ll do something after class with my friends in my core course. Today we went to Rosenberg castle and ate our lunch and relaxed in the new warm spring weather. I commuted back home and worked on my computer until dinner (my host mom is s phenomenal cook). The whole family went on a walk after dinner by the ocean, which is super close to home, before relaxing in the living room until bedtime.


I have a full day of classes on Tuesdays so I woke up around 7:00, ate breakfast, and commuted into the city for my 8:30 Danish Language and Culture for Child Development Students class. I then had Healthcare Strategies for At-Risk Populations and Pregnancy, Birth, and Infancy in Denmark. After I got out of class at 13:00, I went shopping down the main shopping street in Copenhagen called Strøget.


Wednesdays are usually field study days which means we go out with our classes around Copenhagen and have experiences instead of class. I had a night field study so I went into the city late morning for a group project meeting and then to ExOffice, a workspace/cafe that one of my friends found. It’s never packed and we love the atmosphere there. Tip to future DIS students: Stay until close and they’ll give you free leftover pastries. My friend Alli and I stayed until closing and then went to our field study for our danish class. Our field study was at an experimental space for performing artists called the Lab Station. We saw a human puppet show and engaged in some mindfulness activities that everyone laughed through.


Thursdays are practicum days for me! I spend 5 hours of my day at a danish early childhood care center called a vuggestue. 98% of kids are in public care by 15 months so it’s a much different dynamic than the US. I loved my time there this semester with the 1-3 year olds in my room. The pedagogues were so kind and always willing to speak english to me and translate for the kids. We chatted about differences between our experiences in different countries and I was so sad to leave on my last day.


On Fridays, I have the same day of classes as I do on Tuesday so I was in class from 8:30 to 13:00. One of my really good friends from school came to Cope this weekend from Ireland so I met up with her after class! I have missed my friends from home so much so it was so nice to have a little taste of home. I spent some time with her and her friends around Nyhavn and then met up with my host mom and brother for dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant here. My host parents and I then watched a couple of episodes on our Netflix series we’re bingeing together, Blacklist, before going to bed 🙂


On Saturday, my host mom, host siblings and I went into the city to do some shopping before the kids went out of town on a trip. Tourist season is just starting to pick up in Copenhagen and you can tell by how much more full the city feels during the day. Isabel was able to come over for dinner on Saturday night which was amazing and super weird at the same time. I’ve had friends from abroad over before but to have my two worlds colliding for the first time was a weird experience.

On Sunday, I spent the whole day with my friend Mia from abroad, Isabel and her friends. We rented a boat and went out on the canals for two hours (which was so beyond lovely), walked around Christiania, went to La Banchina for coffee, Reffen market for a late lunch, and Mikkeler brewery (the Dubliners needed their beer). I have so many photos from this day so prepare for a photo overload below.

I leave in 10 days and my family comes today so this will probably be my last post from Copenhagen. Catch you on the other side!

Hej hej, Sara

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